Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 Keyboard Manuals

Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 Keyboard Manuals

Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 User Guide Screenshot

Download Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 User Guide pdf

This User Guide contains General Guide, Getting Ready to Play, Connections, Selecting and Playing a Tone, Using Auto Accompaniment, Using the Mixer, Using the Tone Editor, Using Drawbar Organ Tones, Music Presets, Saving Keyboard Setups to Registration Memory, Using the Song Sequencer, Using the Pattern Sequencer, Recording and Playing Audio, Using the Function Menu, Using a Memory Card, Connecting to a Computer, Troubleshooting, Specifications, MIDI Implementation Chart.
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Filetype: PDF
Pages: 168
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Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 Appendix Screenshot

Download Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 Appendix pdf

This Appendix contains Tone List, Drum Assignment List, Rhythm List, Reverb Effect List, Chorus Effect List, Music Preset List, Arpeggiator List.
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Filetype: PDF
Pages: 2
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Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 Midi Implementation Screenshot

Download Casio CTK-7000/WK-7500 Midi Implementation pdf

This Midi Implementation contains MIDI Message Overview, Channel Message, System Message, Instrument-Specific System Exclusive Messages, Parameter List, Parameter Set List, DSP Parameter List, Setting Values and Send/Receive Values, MIDI Implementation Notation.
Filesize: 222.23 kB
Filetype: PDF
Pages: 77
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