Casio CTK-6200/WK-6600 Keyboard User Guide

General Guide
Reading the Display, Modes, Menus, Saving Settings, Returning the Digital Keyboard to Its Factory Default Settings

Getting Ready to Play
Preparing the Music Stand, Power Supply

Connecting Headphones, Connecting a Pedal, Connecting a Microphone (WK-6600 only), Connecting Audio Equipment or an Amplifier, Bundled and Optional Accessories

Selecting and Playing a Tone
To turn on Digital Keyboard power, Listening to Demo Tunes, Selecting a Tone, Layering and Splitting Tones, Raising and Lowering Keyboard Tuning (Transpose), Using Octave Shift, Using the Metronome, Using the Pitch Bend Wheel, Selecting a Temperament and Fine Tuning Its Scale, Playing Arpeggio Phra ses Automatically (Arpeggiator)

Using Auto Accompaniment
Playing an Auto Accompan iment, Selecting a Chord Fingering Mode, Modifying Auto Accompaniment Patterns, Using OnTouch Presets, Using Auto Harmonize, Using the Rhythm Editor

Applying Effects to a Sound
Configuration of Effects, Selecting an Effect, Creating a User DSP

Using the Mixer
Mixer Overview, Mixer Operation, Mixer Parameter Settings

Using the Tone Editor
Tone Creation Overview, Creating a User Tone, Tone Parameter Settings

Music Presets
Using Music Presets, Creating a User Preset, Editing a Chord Progression

Saving Keyboard Setups to Registration Memory
To save a setup to registration memory, To recall a setup from re gistration memory

Using the Song Sequencer
Starting Ontouch Reco rding (EASY REC), What you can do with the song sequencer, Recording Individual Tracks, Using Panel Record to Rewrite Song Header Settings, Playing a Recorded Song, Editing a Song, Editing a Track, Editing Events, Directly Inputting Note Events (Step Input)

Using the Functi on Menu
Using the Function Menu, Function Menu Settings

Using a Memory Card
Loading and Removing a Memory Card, Entering the Card Mode, Formatting a Memory Card, Saving Digital Keyboard Data to a Memory Card, Loading Data from a Memory Card, To delete a file from a memory card, To rename a file on a memory card, Playing a Music File from a Memory Card

Connecting to a Computer
Minimum Computer System Requirements, Storing and Loading Digital Keyboard Memory Data, Using Rhythm (Auto Accompaniment) Data from another Model, Importing Data from Various Storage Media

Error Messages, Troubleshooting, Specifications, Operating Precautions, DSP Effect List, Fingering Guide, Supported Input Characters, Assigning a MIDI Channel to Each Part, Parameter List, Chord Example List

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