Intel DQ77CP Desktop Board Technical Product Specification

Online Support, Processor, System Memory, Intel Q77 Express Chipset, Real-Time Clock Subsystem, Legacy I/O Controller, Audio Subsystem, LAN Subsystem, Hardware Management Subsystem, Intel Security and Manageability Technologies, Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) Software and Drivers, Power Management

Technical Reference
Memory Resources, Connectors and Headers, Jumper Block, Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension (Intel MEBX) Reset Header, Mechanical Considerations, Electrical Considerations, Thermal Considerations, Reliability, Environmental

Overview of BIOS Features
Introduction, BIOS Flash Memory Organization, Resource Configuration, System Management BIOS (SMBIOS), Legacy USB Support, BIOS Updates, BIOS Recovery, Boot Options, Adjusting Boot Speed, BIOS Security Features, BIOS Performance Features

Error Messages and Beep Codes
Speaker, BIOS Beep Codes, Front-panel Power LED Blink Codes, BIOS Error Messages, Port 80h Power On Self Test (POST) Codes

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