Nexus 4 Guidebook for Android mobile technology platform 4.2

1. Get started
Insert a SIM card, Charge the battery, Get around, Browse & organize your, Home screens, Touch & type, Type text by speaking, Why use a Google Account? What’s New in Android

2. Explore your phone
Swipe up for Google Now, Swipe down for notifications & settings, Relax with Google Play, Use & customize the lock screen Try Face Unlock, Share content with Android Beam, Change the wallpaper, Take a screenshot, Connect to keyboards, mice, & other devices

3. Use the Phone app
Make a phone call, Answer or divert calls, Work with the Call log, Place an Internet (SIP) call, Listen to your voicemail

4. Use the keyboard
Enter & edit text, Try Gesture Typing, Use keyboard dictionaries

5. Try some apps
Use All Apps, Start Gmail, Find People, Manage your Calendar, Open & use Clock, Manage downloads

6. Use Google Now & Search
About Google Now, Use Google Now, Turn off Google Now, Control location access, reporting, & history, Search & Voice Actions basics, Search tips & tricks, Use Voice Actions, Voice Actions commands, Google Now Card list, About Gmail Cards, About the Location History card, About the Stocks card, Search settings, Privacy & accounts

7. Accessibility
Accessibility overview, Accessibility gestures for Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Set up your phone, Use magnification gestures, Use TalkBack, Change TalkBack settings, Use Explore by Touch with TalkBack, Navigate the Home screen, Try Google Play, Use Gmail, Browse Chrome, Use the lock screen, Accessibility settings

8. Wireless & network settings
Connect to Wi­Fi networks, Connect to Bluetooth devices, Optimize data usage, Control airplane mode & other network settings, Connect to virtual private networks

9. Device settings
Change sound settings, Set up Daydream, Use Wireless Display, Transfer files through USB, Extend battery life, Manage memory usage

10. Security settings
Security on Android, Manage security settings, Protect against harmful apps, Set screen lock, Encrypt your data, Work with certificates

11. Personal, account, & system settings
Manage location access, Change backup & reset options, Add or remove accounts, Configure sync options

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