Sony Xperia M (C1904/C1905) Phone User Guide

Getting started
What is Android? Overview, Assembly, Turning the device on and off, Screen lock, Setup guide, Accounts and services

Getting to know your device
Using the keys, Using the touchscreen, Battery, Using the lock screen, Home screen, Accessing and using applications, Status and notifications, Settings menu, Typing text, Customizing your device, Enhancing the sound output, Memory, Using a headset, Internet and messaging settings, Controlling data usage, Mobile network settings

Google Play
Getting started with Google Play, Downloading from Google Play, Clearing your application data, Permissions, Installing applications not from Google Play

Emergency calls, Making calls, Receiving calls, Ongoing calls, Using the call log, Multiple calls, Conference calls, Forwarding calls, Restricting calls

Transferring contacts using a computer, Synchronizing contacts with your device, Other methods for transferring contacts, Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application, Adding and editing contacts, Searching and viewing contacts, Favorites and groups, Sending contact information, Backing up contacts

Using text and multimedia messaging, Text and multimedia message options, Google Talk

Getting started with Email, Using e-mail

\"WALKMAN\" application
About Music, Transferring media files to your device, Using the \"WALKMAN\" application, Getting more information about a song or artist, Using My music to organize your songs, Managing playlists, \"WALKMAN\" application widget, Protecting your hearing, TrackID technology

FM radio
About the FM radio, Using your favorite radio channels, Sound settings, Identifying radio tracks using TrackID

About the camera, Using the still camera, Face detection, Using Smile Shutter to capture smiling faces, Adding the geographical position to your photos, Using still camera settings, Using the video camera

About Album, Viewing photos and videos in the Pictures tab, Viewing photos and videos in the My albums tab, Viewing your photos on a map, Viewing online albums

About Movies, Using Movies

Video Unlimited
About Video Unlimited, Renting or buying a video

Web browser
About the web browser

Connecting to wireless networks, Sharing content with DLNA Certified devices, NFC, Bluetooth wireless technology, Connecting your device to a computer, Scanning barcodes with the NeoReader application, Smart Connect

Synchronizing data on your device
About synchronizing data on your device, Synchronizing with Google, Synchronizing your corporate email, calendar, and contacts, Synchronizing with Facebook

Maps and locations
About location services, Using GPS, Google Maps, Using Google Maps to get directions

Calendar and alarm clock
Calendar, Alarm clock

Support and maintenance
Updating your device, Backing up and restoring device content, Resetting your device, Locking and protecting your device, Support application, Recycling your device

Settings overview, Status and notification icons overview, Application overview

Important information
Important information leaflet, Limitations to services and features, Legal information

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