Sony Xperia ZR C5503/C5502 Smartphone User Guide

Using the touchscreen

A protective plastic sheet is already attached to the screen of your device when you buy it. You should peel off this sheet before using the touchscreen. Otherwise, the touchscreen might not function properly.

When your device is on and left idle for a set period of time, the screen darkens to save battery power, and locks automatically. This lock prevents unwanted actions on the touchscreen when you are not using it. You can also set personal locks to protect your subscription and make sure only you can access content on your device.

Rejecting a call with a message

You can reject a call with a predefined message. When you reject a call with such a message, the message is automatically sent to the caller and saved on your device.

Six messages are predefined on your device. You can select from these predefined messages, which can also be edited if necessary.

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