Netgear WPN824N Wireless Router Manual

Netgear WPN824N Wireless Router Manual

Netgear WPN824N Setup Manual Screenshot

Download Netgear WPN824N Setup Manual pdf

This Netgear WPN824N Setup Manual contains Unpacking Your New Router, What You Need Before You Begin, Updating Your Router Firmware, Two Setup Methods: Smart Wizard Setup or Manual Setup, Smart Wizard Setup, Manual Setup, Accessing the Wireless Router after Installation and Checking for New Firmware, Setting Up and Testing Basic Wireless Connectivity, Implementing Appropriate Wireless Security, Basic Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting Connectivity Using the Ping Utility, Technical Specifications, Factory Default Settings.
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Pages: 35
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Netgear WPN824N Installation Guide Screenshot

Download Netgear WPN824N Installation Guide pdf

This Netgear WPN824N Installation Guide contains Package Contents, 6-Step Cable Connection, No CD Drive Installation, Connect Wireless Devices to Your Router.
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Filetype: PDF
Pages: 2
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