Casio XW-G1 Digital Synthesizer Manual

Casio XW-G1 Digital Synthesizer Manual

Casio XW-G1 User Guide Screenshot

Download Casio XW-G1 User Guide pdf

This Casio XW-G1 User Guide contains General Guide, Getting Ready to Play, Learning to Play by Playing, Selecting and Creating Tones, Sounding Arpeggios Automatically, Recording and Playing Back Phrases, Using the Step Sequencer, Recording and Playing Back with the Sample Looper, Using the Performance Mode, Other Useful Functions.
Filesize: 2.71 MB
Filetype: PDF
Pages: 108
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Casio XW-G1 Appendix Screenshot

Download Casio XW-G1 Appendix pdf

This Casio XW-G1 Appendix contains Tone List, Preset, Drum Assignment List, Synth Wave List, PCM Wave List, Noise Type List, Instrument Number List, Normal DSP List, Arpeggio Type List, Phrase List, Sequence List, Chain List.
Filesize: 1.51 MB
Filetype: PDF
Pages: 24
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Casio XW-G1 Midi Implementation Screenshot

Download Casio XW-G1 Midi Implementation pdf

This Casio XW-G1 Midi Implementation contains Midi Message Overview, Channel Message, System Message, Instrument-Specific System Exclusive Messages, Parameter List, Parameter Set List, DSP Parameter List, Setting Values and Send/Receive Values, Midi Implementation Notation.
Filesize: 249.97 kB
Filetype: PDF
Pages: 111
Downloaded: 335 times
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